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Embark on this amazing experience and learn about the major squares, streets, churches and discover all the stories about those beautiful colonial houses from our knowledgeable guide. Join this fantastic experience and be captivated by Cartagena´s magic. I promise, you will not want to leave this place!


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Cartagena is also art!. If you are looking for a colorful place that captivates you , Getsemaní is the best option.For some years now, this neighborhood has been the center of street art. Artists from all over the world have drawn beautiful murals around this neighborhood that represent the culture of Cartagena.



Do you like history, culture and folklore? if you do, then this is the experience you need. Palenque was the first free town in America in 1691. This town is just 1 hour and 30 minutes from the old city and is full of magic. They (Palenqueros) still keep some costumes from Africa and for sure it´s one of the most unique places to visit while you are in Cartagena.



If you are the kind of person who loves nature, this experience will be perfect for you. Just 10 minutes from Cartagena, you will find "La Boquilla"town, this is a fishing village with an empty beach and mangroves. By this experience you will experience the beauty of the mangroves!



The Mud Volcano is the funniest experience you can find in Cartagena. Take a bath and get dirty in mud and get a massage by native people (just for a tip). Scientists has researched many medicinal properties in this mud, so it´s time to have a lot of fun at this amazing place and get some benefits for your skin.



Do you know that the biggest aviary in America is just 20 minutes from Cartagena?  If you love birds and nature, you can´t miss this experience. Learn about more than 100 birds species, enjoy the beauty of their colors and don´t forget to bring your camera and take as many pictures as you can.



There is no doubt that one of the things that makes people fall in love with Cartagena are it´s sunsets, and the reason is obvious.! Cartagena´s sunsets have so many incredible colors, orange, pink, yellow and red. This experience will take you on 2 hours around the bay to enjoy the most beautiful sunset you have seen in life.



Are you looking to party like animal? Welcome to this great experience.! Meet new people  and have fun dancing "Vallenato". The party bus is the funniest tour,so if you are planning to really enjoy the night, we recommend you don´t take this experience a day before your departing fight or a day pass on any island.! You will no able to wake up on time! 


Cartagena is an amazing place to have lots of fun and enjoy some relaxing days. This is magical place will make you feel like you are in a fairytale. Cartagena´s atmosphere and electricity give our visitors many wonderful experiences like:  learning about history, getting a massage in a mud volcano, visiting the biggest aviary on the continent and discovering the first free town in América. These are just a few examples of what this incredible place can offer to visitors. Discover Cartagena has designed the most incredible experiences   to have fun with locals and like locals, that is the reason all of our experiences are guided by "cartageneros" (locals). This is just a way to give others the opportunity to enjoy this place call Cartagena de Indias.

Wanna enjoy a real tour in Cartagena?



Visiting Cartagena it means dancing salsa!. Join this experience and visit the local salsa places. We are not talking about the famous spots, we tell you about the places local people enjoy weekends by dancing salsa. Enjoy the real salsa culture in barrios and be ready to get tired from moving your legs! 


Are you planning to have a day like local people? Then you should visit the public market "Mercado de Bazurto". This experience will help you to discover a normal day in a local´s life. Join this tour and take a public bus, try Caribbean fruits and enjoy lunch with a local family.




Have you listened champeta music? if you like Caribbean music, this experience is for you. Champeta is a local rhythm that came from Africa. Enjoy the "Rey de Rocha" picó and discover what  "Meneo" is.

Party with locals and  dance like locals!



Are you a foodie?. If you are, then you should try what really make locals people in Cartagena happy. Street food in this city is exotic becasue of  all the ingredients used  in these recipes. You can´t miss "Arepa de Huevo" with a cold "Kola Román".

What else to do in Cartagena?

Discover what Cartagena is, by tasting good rum, coffee and colombian beers. Learn how to cook good caribbean recepies and give happinness to your palade by eating like locals.


Scuba diving/snorkeling

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