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Who is María?

 I am a lifelong resident of Cartagena and there is no a better way to experience our culture than spending time with the local people, yes with popular people, who have lived in the middle of the real culture. I have been inspired to share the other side of Cartagena, to show tourists that we are a beautiful city. I am a tremendous fan of Cartagena´s culture and the reason are obvious, My people are really passionate for life, they are friendly, talkative, smiling, and happy even in difficult circumstances.


Cartagena has been the city that has given to me everything that has made me happy all my life and I think it is necessary to give it back something special, Discover Cartagena (DC) is the way to show to the world that this is an amazing place to enjoy and even to live, We are lucky to be part of this community and that’s why we want to share our good fortune.


My passion for our music, food, life, culture, history, stories, customs make me feel inspired to invite to everyone to be part of this even if only for a while. By discovering Cartagena you will be in love of this place you will never want to leave us.

Contact me:

Hi, I am María Isabel Alvarez Ortega! Yes, this is my name, in Colombia most of the people have two first names and they also have two last names (the first one comes from their father and the second one comes from their mother). My nickname is Mayu, I have no idea why  my uncle Alfredo started calling me that, but it has been my nickname all my life and its pretty courious  that many people think that is my real name , but fortunately it´s no!


 Let´s talk about my life in Cartagena; my childhood was growing up in a  big family, aunts and uncles that are your parents and cousins that are your siblings, I grow up in " Brusseles” next to “Antwerp”, but WAIT I am not talking about Belgium, the truth is, in Cartagena you can travel around the world because many neighborhoods are named after countries! My family has lived for almost 50 years in this neighborhood and even though I don’t live anymore there, I love to visit “Bruselas”; Why? In Cartagena, We don’t have neighbors We have family; I spent my childhood listening “Jibaro”, “Salsa” and “Champeta Africana” every Sunday because this neighborhood is well recognized for  this kind of music.

Welcome to my city!