If we talk about rums, Colombia has definitely joined the competition as a world-class distillery. Three or four years ago, Colombia was the ugly duckling of this Caribbean industry. But the story changed when a handful of entrepreneurs woke up and saw Colombia’s potential to be a serious market contender.

In our country we are lucky to have rums of great excellence. In 2015 the World Spirits Competition designated one of the Colombian rums as the best in the world. This is why, if you are a lover of good rums, Discover Cartagena invites you to experience the rich flavor of Colombia through its rum.

In this rum tasting, we will learn about ingredients and how to distill until we reach the ideal point of the flavor of a good Colombian rum.

Duration: 90 min aprox 

Days: Mon-Sunday
Hour: It can be choose for the coustomer

It Includes: 

  • A cocktail at arrival.

  • Informative tasting including history, production and tasting 5 Colombian rums.

  • Distilling your own rum starting from fresh sugarcane.


Rum is an alcoholic liquor distilled from the juice or molasses of sugar cane. It is usually a by-product of sugar manufacturing and includes light types, typical of the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico, and the heavier and more flavorful rums such as Jamaican.

It became an important product of the Antilles (West Indies) after the introduction of sugar cane in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. The thick brown liquid ("molasses") that remained after the extraction of the sugar could be fermented and distilled to produce a stimulating alcoholic beverage.

This drink is mentioned for the first time in documents from Barbados in 1650. It was called "kill-devil" ("mata-diablo") or "rumbullion" (a word from Devonshire, England, which means 'a great tumult'). Already, in 1667, it was called simply "rum", from where the Spanish word ron and the French rhum come. The first official mention of the word "rum" appears in an order issued by the Governor General of Jamaica dated July 8, 1661.

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