By this tour your local guide will take you to  discover  part of our culture by eating  street food. You will be able to eat like a local, a real "cartagenero". ( How people from Cartagena de Indias is called) and also to discover all the stories behind the recipes and  the food street vendors.

This is a funny experience where you will be ready to experience the real Caribbean taste.  We love fried food, so most of our local food is fried, then if you don´t  care about that, let´s start to tell you  what a foodie in Cartagena has to discover. First at all if local people has to think in a delicious local street food I think the best option is to think in " Arepa de huevo" .  I have to say this this is a recipe that brings  happiness to humanity. This is an icon from our region, it´s preparation is based on yellow corn, This delicious dish is  eaten with  the famous  “Espiche" (it´s a kind of sauce prepared with “suero costeño”,). We also will try what I call the  sister of the “Arepa de huevo” The “Arepa de queso”. This recipe is a soft dough made  with white corn and filled with butter with a final touch of grated“Queso costeño”.( Cheese from the Colombian Caribbean).

Colombia is a country with too many fusions of cultures and  we will  to prove that by discovering a local recipe with a touch of China“Empanada China”. As you are reading, in Cartagena we love Chinese food! and you will discover the reason when you try " empanadas" at  POLO NORTE restaurant. The Von family was established more than 100 years ago in Cartagena, their recipes  became part of our gastronomic history. We also will try how sweet the Caribbean culture is by discovering some "Bolitas de tamarindo".  ( Candies made  Tamarindo´s pulp and sugar) and for sure we will try one of my favorite receipes "Patacón" ( mashed green fried plantain) with cheese, but this is a special cheese because its made basically is made with love and  knowledge. I promise this cheese is totally addictive.

Definitely there is a recipe you must to try if you come to Cartagena. I am talking about "Coctel de camarón" But you can not confuse "Coctel de camaron" (shrimp cocktail) with ceviche, the cocktail is originally from Cartagena and consists of a mixture of tomato, mayonnaise with onions, garlic water, rum, spicy and seafood, accompanied with some  crackers.

Additionally this tour includes other  tastings, some  local drinks,  exotic fruits and many details and curiosities  about recipes that just a local can tell.

Duration: 2 hours approx 

Days: Monday-Sunday
Hour: 4pm

It Includes: 

- A Local certified bilingual guide who will  take you the  best spots to try good street food

- 9 amazing local receipes street food

- 2 local drinks

* This experience  is  for at least 2 people.


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