Discover Cartagena in alliance with "Tu Cultura" presents "The Ciudad Mural Getsemani route". This project  was born from the 1st Urban Art Festival held in the month of December 2013 in Cartagena by Vertigo Graffiti with the support of "Fundación Tucultura" and several public and private sponsors.

The Ciudad Mural: Gethsemaní route highlights the current feeling of the neighborhood, highlights and the valuable contribution of this community to the history of Colombia and shares the important cultural legacy of the last popular neighborhood in the historic center. This strengthens the identity of its people and shows its visitors the cultural wealth of Getsemaní.

The story told by the "Getsemanisenses" themselves through the beautiful murals that remain of the festival takes promotes this territory as a great jewel that must be preserved.

Duration: 2 hours aprox 

Days: Mond-Sunday
Hour: 10 am - 4 pm

It Includes: 

- Local bilingual guide
- Tourist Guidance in Getsemaní
- Visit 30 murals in Getsemaní
- Typical Juice or Coffee
- Tour main streets and squares of the neighborhood

* This experience  is  for at least 2 people. 

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