As we know, Latinos are recognized for being good salsa dancers. We have "flow" in our  veins and movement in our hips. Salsa is a rhythm from the island of Cuba, after fusing African melodies originating Afro-Cuban rhythms, theser hythms were received with great acceptance in Colombia and Puerto Rico. In the 30's, this rhytmn received the name of salsa as a genre, which was widely accepted in New York. Over the years, the exponents of this genre were added new musical instruments such as "tumbadoras", "congas", "trombones" and "guarachas".

Salsa music is without a doubt, part of the Caribbean culture and mainly in Colombia lovers of this genre are innumerable, Salsa music as part of our culture in Cartagena, comes from popular neighborhoods in which the parties are enlivened by this genre that has brought the dance to the whole world. In Cartagena de Indias, any day is ideal for listening to salsa, but here salsa is related to Sunday. On this day in the neighborhoods you can hear the rumble of the sound systems  " a todo timbal" ( This is a local expression and it means to turn up your stereo as loud you can) on the radio station that broadcasts the salsa and "jíbaro music". These radio programs  are much desired by its listeners. "Salseros"  are  expected for the local people, which are nothing but parties that take place in popular neighborhoods where the only musical genre to listen to is salsa, it is a day to dance and drink beers because the salsa in Cartagena de Indias is synonymous with a "fría bien helada"( a cold beer).

On this tour, we invite you to enjoy Cartagena like a 

                        "Salsa local dancer"!


Duration: 5 hours

Days: Frid-Sat
Hour: 8:00 pm

It Includes: 

- A Local certified bilingual guide who will  be in charge of make you to party like an animal. 

- 5 bottle of beers, water or soft drink ( one per spot)

* This experience is  for at least 4 people. This experience also work on weekdays before holidays.


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