Discover Cartagena  has the pleasure of introducing you to the Bazurto Market. First at all  let´s  lay our cards on the table. This tour is outside the old city. The public market in  Cartagena is not a fancy place but it is for those kind of travelers who loves adventure, experience a real culture and discover real people. This experience was desiged for you.

We will start by taking a public bus to Bazurto Market. On our famous buses you will bump into the culture of Caribbean people.You will see many street vendors that go up and down offering all kinds of  candies, water, chewing gums, etc., you will also meet face to face one of the main characters of the Cartagena "sparring" . I can call them  as a driving assistant or personal secretary of the driver; After 30 minutes, we will be arriving at the Mercado de Bazurto, where you will discover what it is like to live in the real Cartagena. You will fall in love with a carnival of colors and freshness in the variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish.

Our local and amazing guide will explain to you the Bazurto Market ´s routine. The hustle and bustle of the daily life of  vendors and locals as they flee in the heat of the Caribbean, to the boisterous sounds of  "champeta" music.  The fascinating routine of the market envelops and bewitches with its magic. . By this experience you will discover the fascination of the passages of the whole market, a labyrinth in which without a doubt it will be worth to get lost

After our tour in the Bazurto Market, we will visit one of the popular districts of the city . We are talking about the "Brussels" neighborhood the Brussels Cartagena, but not Belgium. Brussels is a popular neighborhood. Where neighbors give you a piece of ice for the juice  for lunch, where the sunsets are watched on the terrace of a friend's house and where parties are held throughout the street . In this neighborhood, we will have the pleasure of visiting a local family and sharing with them their experiences and anecdotes of what it is to grow a lifetime in this popular neighborhood,. We will share the exquisiteness of a homemade lunch with a  variety of juices and exotic fruits!


Some history of the Cartagena de Indias Market: The market of Cartagena de Indias, was remote at the beginning of the 20th century; In 1904, the first public market was built in the place where today the Convention Center of the city located in the Getsemaní district; at that time the historic center of the city was not as desirable as in these times, which meant that living in the walled city had no social importance, much less when the public market was located in front, which contributed to the bad odors and proliferation of rodents; But in 1965 the market was destroyed by fire and the fire caused irreparable damage that led the city to begin in 1966 to protest the conditions in which it was, and in January 1978, the transfer of the public market to the place where it is known today as Mercado de Bazurto; As a curious fact, when asking the first lady what the market would be transferred to, she answered "with music", and that was how good the saxophone music was; the market was moved; in July of 1978 the last wall of the old market that had housed the market for 74 years was demolished.



Duration: 4 hours approx 

Days: Monday-Sunday
Hour: 10am

It Includes: 

- A Local certified bilingual guide who will  make the experience as authentic as possible.

- Transportation

- Homemade Lunch

- Local Fruits

* This  experience is  for at least 4 people.


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