Do you know what a chiva is? It's not an animal! NO! Let me tell you that "chiva" in Colombia is not only an animal, it is a transport used  to PARTY !.


But how do chivas rumberas work? EASY! They are buses that have been adapted, without doors and a capacity of approximately 50 people, in these buses every night we have live vallenato music, some food "arepa de huevo" y " empanada"  and national rum and the best party environment to enjoy nightlife !. With this experience  we will have a panoramic tour of the city,, with a stop at  Castle Felipe  where the party will follow the accordion sound.


For those who love dancing, they will have the option to go to a nightclub. Now, would you like to ride a  chiva rumbera ?.

Duration: 3 hours approx 

Days: Monday-Sunday
Hour: 7:15  pm

It Includes: 

- A local  guide who will cheer up your night.

- Arepa de Huevo or Empanada

- Nacional rum

- Coke

- Admission for a local bar


The vallenato is a rhythm or musical genre born in the Colombian Caribbean region. Their chords come from the mix of the sounds of the box, guacharaca and accordion. A mixture between European roots (accordion), indigenous (guacharaca) and Afro-Colombian (box, a kind of drum).

The story tells that Francisco Mosquete, better known as "Francisco el Hombre. Roamed", from town to town was singing vallenato and included messages received from neighboring towns in his verses; people listening the songs, ran to see if the news was good or bad. One day, the devil appeared to Francisco  and invited him to play the accordion as a duel to know which of the two did better. Francisco, won the fight by playing the creed.


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