Juan Polo, the character, was born in 1920, from native parents from "La Boquilla". In his maturity he reached a height of 1.70 meters and stocky. Drawing from his African heritage his strength, color of skin, eyes and hair. He inherited from his father the art of fishing, his morals and good manners. He died at age 52, it is said, because his body was never found, only his boat, cast net and other fishing gear. It seems that his spirit inhabits the mangroves and the swamp and its the reason this area of ​​the swamp, takes its name *.

The mangroves are part of our ecosystem, they grow in the coastal areas and it is wonderful to pass among them, in the village of La Boquilla, only 20 minutes by car from the city center of Cartagena is the northern part of the "Ciénaga de la Virgen", called "Juan Polo".

La Boquilla is a town of hard working fishermen, and women who love its beauty. This is definitely a place that is representative of the Caribbean coast, of the joy, sympathy, of children and young people who enjoy seeing beautiful  sunsets on the beach, swimming after school or playing soccer with friends. This is a place where people are happy even living in simple wooden houses. "La Boquilla" is characterized by its beautiful beach that expands a few meters and is ideal for walking and enjoying an unparalleled sunset, away from the crowd.

Discover Cartagena, will show this fishing village and the beauty of the mangroves with local people. We start our  experience at 9 am. We will pick u up at your hotel and go to La Boquilla. Arriving at the village, we take a canoe and start our  experience of the mangroves in which we will delight our eyes with the beauty of this ecosystem. We will pass through the tunnels of love and the tunnel of happiness. In this experience we will learn about traditional l fishing and we will see a variety of birds. Back at the sea we will enjoy a delicious typical lunch and we will be able to enjoy  the beach for a couple of hours, take a walk or try aquatic activities like kitesurf. We will return to your hotel at 3 pm.


* This tour is  for at least 2 people. 

Duration: 5 hours approx 

Days: Mond-Sunday
Hour: 9 am

It Includes: 

- Mangroves tour

- Traditional Fishing experience

- Transportation

- Lunch

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