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Embark on this amazing experience and learn about the major squares, streets, churches and discover all the stories about those beautiful colonial houses from our knowledgeable guide. Join this fantastic experience and be captivated by Cartagena´s magic. I promise, you will not want to leave this place!


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Cartagena is also art!. If you are looking for a colorful place that captivates you , Getsemaní is the best option.For some years now, this neighborhood has been the center of street art. Artists from all over the world have drawn beautiful murals around this neighborhood that represent the culture of Cartagena.


Do you like history, culture and folklore? if you do, then this is the experience you need. Palenque was the first free town in America in 1691. This town is just 1 hour and 30 minutes from the old city and is full of magic. They (Palenqueros) still keep some costumes from Africa and for sure it´s one of the most unique places to visit while you are in Cartagena.




Gabriel García Marquez was inspired by Cartagena de Indias to write his most popular novels. Discover the places where some of his novels take place. Learn about the wonderful stories behind them. Fall in love with Cartagena!


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