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Gabriel García Márquez better known as Gabo, was born in Aracataca Magdalena- Colombia in the year of 1927. He is considered the father of Magical Realism . Without a doubt one of the most representative characters of the Colombian Caribbean Coast and for  the country, due to his popularity after being inspired to write One Hundred Years of Solitude. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for  this novel in 1982.

García Márquez is one of those writer who make to fall in love with his stories. His inspiration awakens the love and rejoicing in his readers and without a doubt, one of the examples  of his inspiration is Cartagena de Indias. The colonial and republican history inspired Gabo to write The time and other demons", Love in the times of cholera and as he described Cartagena on his work Vivir para Contarla "Me bastó con dar un paso dentro de la muralla para verla en toda su grandeza a la luz malva de las seis de la tarde, y no pude reprimir el sentimiento de haber vuelto a nacer” ", This city was the inspiration for Gabo to transmits his pasion for the literature.


Discover Cartagena, takes you to discover  the places that inspired this master of the Magical Realism , the stories, anecdotes behind his books and his fascination for this magica lcity, Cartagena de Indias.

Duration: 2 hours approx.

Days: Mon-sun

Language: English- Spanish


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