The Caribbean gastronomy is characterized by a series of flavors that make our receipes unique. Our gastronomy is characterized by the magic of local ingredients that give to our dishes an incredible taste.

Discover the tips of our Chef who  will take you to enjoy a local experience. You will know the magic of Bazurto  Public Market where you will learn about the freshness of vegetables, meats, fish and fruits to make fabulous recipes. Learn abaout  the local ingredients used to  give a magical touch  our dishes.

Learn how to season and cook as a local. Be guided by our chef from the most privileged kitchen in the city for its beautiful view and end up enjoying a lunch accompanied by our exotic fruit juices.

Experience the fun of living a day like a Cartagenero!

Duration: 4 hours

Days: Mon- Sun
Hour: 9:00 am- 1pm

It includes: 

- Bilingual guide tour

- Cooking classes with a professional chef

- Shooping at public market

- Ingredients for the receipes

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