Horses, are one of Colombians´s passion, they have always been in our history, from the colonial era when they were  brought from Spain to be used as a means of transport, the horses played an important role in the expeditions.


Throughout the years, and even without any concrete reasons, the race evolved to what is now known as the "Caballo Criollo Colombiano". The Colombian criole horse is unique because they can learn different steps, now we have Colombian trocha horse, Colombian trote horse and Colombian paso fino horse.


Discover the history of the Colombian Creole horse and enjoy a ride on the seashore, in the town of Manzanillo, which is characterized by its wide and empty beach. Discover the wonders of Colombian culture through a great horseback ride 

Duration: 3 hours

Days: Monday-Sunday
Hour: 9am-1pm

It includes: 

- Tour guide who will teach you about the Colombian Criole horse.

- A horseback for an hour on the seashore


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