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To talk about Colombia, is to talk about coffee. The Colombian coffee is characterized because its quality  and because the pleausure of drinking this beverage. Due to the outstanding geographic and climatic conditions of the Colombian Andes and the strict controls on coffee production we guarantee the quality of the attributes such as fragrance, aroma, flavor, acidity and body..


These fertile lands produce the coffee beans which bring cheer to millions of people around the world. It is  through the dedication of the Colombian peasant families tending and harvesting these crops that has made our coffee world renowned.


Because of our ability to grow coffee all year round and our advanced technology, Colombia is well known as the biggest coffee producer country in the world. It is worth learning about flavors and how the senses works while we drink a good Colombian coffee cup.


Discover Cartagena, in alliance with San Alberto Coffee Shop,  show you  the wonders of the coffee by the senses. Learn about this bean that becomes addictive to many people and make our country to be well known around the world

Duration: 1 hour approx 

Days: Mon-Sun

It includes: 

  • Diploma

  • Some samples of good and bad coffee

  •  Tasting of senses