What does this tour sound like? I am sure you have no clue! And I wouldn’t understand it if I didn’t live in Cartagena. Let's tall what this tour is about   and what  "champeta "music is.


This musical genre takes the name of Champeta, by the lineage of the city due to the relationship of the champeta as an instrument similar to the "machetilla". It was associated with poverty, vulgarity and blackness. Champeta was born in the suburbs of the city in which a new culture emerged, the culture of the "picós", in which people had their own style of dance, to express themselves, to speak and to be. The word "picó" comes from the Anglicanism "pick up" and it refers to stereos with large speakers used to play champeta music. "Champetúos", was indicative for all that followed  the genre. Therefore it was equated to refer to someone as vulgar, problematic and of few manners. But over the years the genre has been accepted by society.


This genre has crossed borders and has been internationalized by many singers  who have managed to mix chords so that  champeta music becomes contagious and tasty to dance! Now,

 I invite you to be champetuo!

Discover Cartagena  through this tour, invites you to enjoy something that undoubtedly characterizes local people . By this experience, we will get to know the most important "picó" in town REY DE ROCHA, picó  and know its history, anecdotes, stories of the songs, that inspire of the  singers to write lyrics that have left this genre high, how local people are identified with this music, in addition we will take some  dance classes and finally we will experience  champeta at  REY DE ROCHA, in a VIP area for two hours.


If you do not know, cartageneros have African descent, but let's explain more; at the time of the colony, the Spaniards trafficked slaves from Africa in order to use them as labor for the construction of the beautiful wall that today is part of the beauty of our city; These slaves settled in the Gethsemane neighborhood, as they formed a village in what is now known as the town of Palenque. The offspring of these slaves over time, constituted what at the time was called Cayman Island and now the neighborhoods of Pozón and Olaya.

In the first decades of the twentieth century, through the port of the city came the music in a fashionable cassette from the Antilles and Africa, which was welcomed by a certain population of Cartagena and over the years, this music was merged becoming in an Afro-Colombian rhythm that in the year 1930 was defined as a social event with the name of Champeta, the champeta became a dance in the 70's and as a musical genre in the 80's.

Duration: 4 hours approx 

Days: Thrus-Sunday
Hour: 5 pm

It Includes: 

- A Local certified bilingual guide who will  take you to dance like a local " Champetúo"

- 1 hour of champeta classes with a professional champeta dancer who will teach you  how to dance "El caballito", "La camita", "La cometa" 

- Transportation

- 2 beers

- VIP admission to a Rey de Rocha concert.

* This tour is  for at least 4 people.

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