Without a doubt, Cartagena de Indias has become one of the favorite destinations for travelers from all the world. This magical city has thousands of stories between its colonial and republican streets and  buildings. Cartagena makes you  falls in love not only for its picturesque style , but also for having all the elements to enjoy perfect vacations between the breeze, the sea and warm people.


This fairytale city will make you to fallin love with all the stories of the Spanish colonial era, pirate invasions, the Republican era and thousands of anecdotes that undoubtedly captivate whoever listens to them.


Discover Cartagena, has designed this extraordinary experience that mixes the history and fun of riding on the streets of this beautiful city by a bike and feel the Caribbean through the breeze. Enjoy a couple of hours having an amazing time here and we promise you  wont  want to leave this beautiful city.

Duration: 3 hours

Days: Mon-Sun
Hour: 9:00 am- 3pm

Language: English- Spanish

It includes:

- Bilingual tour guide

- Bicicle


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