The  biggest aviary in the continent is in Colombia, and the sixth largest in the world.  The  National Aviary is located at the 16th kilometer on the way to Barú. The Aviary´s environment was designed to give to all the birds a real habitat.  The Aviary was also built to give to the birds a safe place. There are not many  ecosystems to keep these birds safe and to keep the birds being sold illegally. 

The National Aviary is a new tourist attraction at the Barú Island. Here, you can see about  2000  birds with beautiful colors. This Aviary provides ecologic training to ensure  a safe environment a for all the species that exist here. The Aviary is located 40 minutes from Cartagena, near Playa Blanca. These birds came from different areas  around Colombia. This birds collection  was created over 15 years ago.

The purpose of the Aviary, is to preserve birds like the “Crax Alberti” bird that is near extinction. Other endangered species are the “ Harpia Eagle and the Condor”, those species are reproducing in the aviary. Some of the species that you can find here are: pavos, ducks, empus, arucos, loros, águilas, zancudas, lechuzas, gavilanes, cotorras, gallito de roca, pájaros, halcones, cisnes, flamencos and many more.  During winter migrations,  we get too many birds that migrate here, many of them stay at the aviary.

The total number of the species that live there are 137 and 2000 birds, but the goal is to have 5000. The aviary has a capacity for 500 visitors daily. The aviary has 14 areas: The Flamencos lake, Cisnes lake, the desert area, tropical woods, dry and arid.  This is a recreation of a tropical jungle and has many species that fly freely

This is a 3- 4 hours tour. The aviary opens at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Admission is just until 4:00 pm.

Duration: 3 hours Approx

Days: Mond- Sund

It includes:

  • Transportation from Cartagena to the Aviary and Back

  • Admission to the Aviary

  • Visiting Playa Blanca


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